ASAM Models is a new company with 45 years experience
offering a wide range of 1:48th Metal & Resin Scale Models including
Heavy Haulage Systems, Modern Commercials, Military & Old Timers


Another year and we are still here, we have weathered the Corona Virus safely and look forward to 2022/2023. We have new models being prepared for release, but due to the work load and other orders we have shelved some these models till things ease off. We are fortunate as we have already had both the first, second and booster vaccinations, so if all works to plan we are imune. Booster for late 2022 due soon. Niether of us has contracted the Virus and we hope to remain that way.

Biggest problem we have at the moment is the cost of the base metals we use, they have increased by 110% in the last twelve months and this has resulted in a 10% increase on many of the models. Result is that it has put our running costs up each month and this is taking us close to the VAT registration point, this would result in a further 12% cost increase. So with workshop rental, electricity and white metal charges, 50% of any earnings we have, has to pay for these necessities.

Kits on order are 6 to 8 weeks and longer if it is a complicated and a demanding model or we are waiting resin or etched brass parts we have to sub contract. We are accepting kits orders for delivery when we can. We take no payment till kits are cast and ready to pack.

Delivery for built models could be in excess of 12 months and for some models in excess of 2 years. The models in question determines as to whether it is worked on immediately or goes onto extended delivery or we advise trying a approved custom builder who may be able to offer better deliveries than we can offer. We have suspended any further orders for built models for the foreseeable future. We would advise contacting alternative building services if the model is required earlier or is for special event. Delivery and prices have to be agreed between you and your service builder and we will not be involved.

A Facebook site was set up in the name of "ASAM Model Trucks" and to date we have in excess of 2800 members. It is a site which was set up by Alan McGuiness with Alan Smith and Allan Simpson set up as the Administrators and it has been a good site to show many things that have been produced by us over the last 45 years for ourselves and for many different model companies. It is also used to display the models built by members using kits from ASAM or any other company we have been linked with. It also gets used by members who need assistance on how to build or what models are still available. Membership has now exceeded 2800 and still growing.

A problem we are having is with transfers (decals) as stocks run out of some of the more popular liveries. We can produce some ourself and this has filled a gap for some members, but they have their limitations. We have approached the original printer for our transfers, who uses the old silk screen printing process, using white base for some, matt or gloss finish for others and varnish seperation overall making application much easier. He has retired but is considering some re-runs for us and we wait to hear from him. No further news and i must assume this will not happen. There are several good sources for transfers and they look good. We will try to have some sets printed once i can sort what is required.

We have obtained some transfers which we will supply with kits if requested. These are for JOHNSTONE & SON and LONGTHORNE. See picture gallery for samples of these models.

Problems which we thought might hinder supply into the EU has happened but deliveries are going ahead with some delays and surcharges. Some deliveries go through with no delay or surcharges, whereas indentical items are delayed and surcharged. Deliveries to Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.A. are also clear of any problems and we hope to increase sales to these countries. Only problem here is the postal charges which seem to have jumped almost 50% higher. See TERMS of BUSINESS for rates we will use.

For the UK we will continue to use Royal Mail 1st Class untracked, for Europe and Rest of World we will use Tracked Service so we can supply customers with information as to where there parcel and how long customs are holding the parcels. For the EU there is surcharge on delivery which the customer will have to pay direct prior to delivery. For the Rest of the World we try to keep parcels below 2 Kilo and this seems to keep value below that at which various countries start to charge import duty. We can use couriers for any of these countries if requested. Any payment due to customs duty at receiving country has to be paid by receiving customer. Likewise customers can request to use 2nd class or non tracked services.

I will produce a current stock list and post as soon as possble, with some discpunted models.


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Alan Smith Allan Simpson

ASAM Models are now accepting orders for built military models at prices listed in Price List July 2022.
Built model are fully assembled, painted as required, transfers applied and delivered in custom cut transit box.
For built models of anything else we can pass requests for these models onto quality approved builders
with whom you will have to aggree a price for building and delivery.

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