ASAM Models is a new company with 45 years experience
offering a wide range of 1:48th Metal & Resin Scale Models including
Heavy Haulage Systems, Modern Commercials, Military & Old Timers


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Superglue Cyanoacrylate in 20g bottles,
superfast, thin, medium and thick.
Solder gun bits made from 16 swg tinned
copper wire, made to any length required.
Wire brush for polishing, ink pens,
paint brushes and larger dusting brush.
Files large, small, drill pin chuck
and drills, tweezers and screwdriver.
Scalpal, stanley knife, extendable replacement
blades with replacement blade cartridge.
Scissors, long nose pliers, side or end
cutters and bolt cutters for heavier wire.
Paint spray cans for primer coating and can be
made to order with matt or gloss paints.
Small air brush or larger paint spray gun
and Air Compressor to drive either.
Fan heater with hot, cold hot air blower.
Could use hand held hair dryer Solder gun 100 Watts, should be between
100 Watts and no greater than 200 Watts.
Mounting pins for items ready for painting
so parts are hand free whilst painting

Kit Assembly Hints


The older kits will come with parts lists, assembly instructions and exploded diagram showing how the parts fit to-gether.


New kits will come with parts list, picture to identify the parts and selection of photographs to show how the model should go to-gether.  No assembly instructions or exploded diagrams.


All kits will come with coloured photograph on the box label to assist assembly.


Remove all parts from card by slicing the clear film ensuring no parts stick to film as you remove it.


Check and identify all parts from the parts list.  Any missing or damaged parts should be requested either by telephone, email or form supplied with kit direct from ASAM Models.


Deburr and clean all white metal parts using file, knife, wire brush or wet and dry paper.


Deburr and wash any resin parts with degreasing agent or warm soapy water taking care not to damage the resin parts in the process..


Identity holes to be drilled and then drill them using correct drill.


Try a dry fit of the major parts to familiarise oneself with the assembly.


Decide on how you want to paint the model and build assemblies to suit.


Assemble the parts into sub-assemblies ready for painting.


Assembly can be with solder, superglue or epoxy resin glue.  Epoxy resin is slow and is not the best method to be used.


During the building check to see if each assembly fits with other assemblies.


When using superglue care is needed so as to prevent whitening in enclosed areas such as windows.  To prevent this place the model in front of a warm air fan heater or hair dryer.  Not too hot and not too close.


Before painting check for marks, holes or porosity.  Fill using, solder, superglue or body filler.  Finish off with wet and dry paper, files and then polish with wire brush.


Decide on what paint you will use.  It can either be Cellulose, Polyurethane or Acrylic.  Do not mix primer, matt or gloss.  Use same type of paint throughout.


To paint one can use a spray gun with compressor, or spray cans or hand paint if you have very good paint brushes.  Prime and paint prior to final assembly.


Let the model stand for 24 hours before you start final assembly.


Make certain you understand what order the final assembly will take, it is difficult and may cause damage if you have to take things apart again.


Hand paint as required, fit lights, rear view mirrors, roof lights.


When preparing the window plastic for fitting inside cab, Try a dry fit before you fit with whatever glue you decided to use.  In the case of superglue make sure the warm air heater or hair dryer is available.


Complete model by fitting wheels, tyres , axles and any other external parts remaining.


Apply the water slide decals-transfers using small paint brush and bed down. Allow a short period of time for the decals to dry and so avoid disturbing them.  Decal softening solution can be used to bed the decal down over dorr handles and edges.


We will replace decals if they are not your first choice, subject to us having them and you having returned the decals originally supplied with the kit.


Any missing or damaged parts or split tyres will be replaced free of charge.

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