ASAM Models is a new company with 45 years experience
offering a wide range of 1:48th Metal & Resin Scale Models including
Heavy Haulage Systems, Modern Commercials, Military & Old Timers


Another year and we are still going strong with new models to introduce, old models to re-introduce
and existing range to shrink as parts run out. No thoughts on retirement whilst we are both in good health.
We will continue to produce kits to order, hand build models when time permits and add new models.
Delivery times for kits are 4 to 6 weeks and for built models 6 to 12 months. Delivery time starts from when
you place order and supply payment details. We only take payment when kit or built models are cast.

I have to apologise for a disjointed web site with dead ends and I do not have the time to correct it quickly.
I will try to fill in the gaps and open up the flow lines as and when time allows it. The site serves its purpose
and keeps customers in touch with what is happening and if you need pictures please email requesting them

This is my third partnership Tony Morel (1978 to 2004) followed by Tony Molay (2004 to 2016) and now
Allan Simpson (2016 onwards). The partnership is working well and we hope it will continue for many years.
We started as Alan Smith Auto Models back in 1978 and have been through some name changes, mergers
with Hart Models, liquidation and redundancies ending back as we were always known, Alan Smith Auto Models.

Over the last 40 years we have made models that have been sold under more than 25 different model names.
Our name only still remains included in DHS models in the USA, Dave Hiram & Smith Models.
Over the same period we have made models for many different manufacturers, operators, owners and even
had them presented to members of the the Royal Familly, but never by royal appointment.
We made guns for Fabrique Nationale, generators for Listers. gear boxes for Eaton, missiles for British Aero Space,
oil and gas plant models for oil companies, lift tables for Hymo Lifts and portakabin models for Portakabin.
There were some excellent models, such as the LeTourneau L1800/2300 loaders, heavy haulage girder trailers,
Euclid, Mack, Western articulated tippers and Hendrickson beauty and the beasts..

Over the years we have tried to work with, rather than compete with other models producers, that co-operation no longer
exists. We have had some who think they could make the models more cheaply and have left us to try it on their own,
ending up with nothing and having to sell up and salvage what they could. A sign of the times are the model producers
who have ceased trading. I dont know how we have survived, but we have and plan to be here for a while to come.

The US models were sold to KEYSTONE CONSTRUCTION DIECAST in the U.S.A. several years ago and you should
contact them direct regarding any of the models he has to offer. Email and telephone number are given below.

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